Our vision


Achieve global footprint by increasing our water sources to efficiently navigate to our customers’ location.


Grow fleet size to meet increased demand and customer needs, while remaining committed to optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.


Investments in advanced sustainable technology and innovations to better meet future expectations.

Esg principles

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is more than having good intentions and ticking the boxes, it’s about making a difference and having a plan that achieves real outcome, for our business and our world.


At LIFEBLNC, we respect and strive to preserve the world around us, including the natural water resources. Wherever we chose to operate, be it a water source storage plant or at sea to the port of destination, we will ensure to our best ability that our business fits into our customers’ economic, environmental and social plans.


LIFEBLNC aims to build a smarter business for a stronger world! Our solutions have been designed to alleviate water challenges while minimising environmental impact.


LIFEBLNC is led by a highly experienced international management team.

Nicholas Jordan

Executive Chairman
+35 years in senior management
positions and investment banking

Paul Muhr

Chief Financial Officer
+15 years in corporate finance, investment banking and private equity

Jānis Meniķis

Vice President, Latvia
+10 years in drinking water industry